Me (without hat) on my first bike with my brothers

I have been riding mountain bikes for over 30 years and have now ridden nearly 1,300 different trails – most of them since 2015. I finally got around to riding Moab, Utah in 2015, and that experience was LIFE CHANGING! The trails were so fun, exhilarating, scenic, challenging – even magical, that I was hooked. Since then, I have discovered that, in addition to Moab, there are lots of fabulous destinations to ride AWESOME trails, and have returned to these destinations many times! I hope this website and my YouTube channel inspires you to get on a bike and discover this amazing outdoor activity, and provides you with great ideas for your own excursions!

My Youtube channel is dedicated to riding the very best mountain bike trails around the world.  And now, inspired by the trails I have ridden, and other MTB riders who I follow on Youtube, I have set a goal to ride the top 200 mountain bike trails in Western North America! 

Climbed about 1,500m (4,500′) to Elfin Lakes near Squamish, BC in 1998

Why only Western North America? Presently, I am confining my Top 100 trail list to only those regions that I can access within a 2 to 3 day drive from my home base in North Vancouver, BC.  And more specifically, I am only ranking those top trails in Western North America that I have personally ridden – including those from Colorado westward.   Once I complete, or nearly complete riding my Top 100 Rides in Western North America list, I will likely expand my list to include those fabulous regions I am aware of in the east.  However, in the longer term, I am also aware of fabulous trails in New Zealand, Italy, Spain and Scotland that I would like to ride when the opportunity presents.

Since 2015, I have been tracking my progress riding new trails through the Trailforks website, where I have an account to track the trails I have ridden, so my 1,300 trail estimate noted above is quite accurate. The website also helps me develop a “wishlist’ of trails I want to ride in the future. The source of my wishlist is often other MTB riders whom I follow on You Tube or other sources such as Trailforks, Singletracks, MTB Project, tour companies such as: Rim Tours, Western Spirit and magazines such as National Geographic and Men’s Journal. You never know where you might find inspiration to get out and ride! And as a result, I always have a shelf ready bike ride trip planned – usually just awaiting someone to join me!